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Our Story

Goldkine has arrived as Michigan's premier luxury cannabis brand. To realize our vision of unparalleled products and reliable service, Goldkine combines the collective skills of our diverse founding members. Goldkine's family-oriented founders are bonded by a collective drive to produce the hand crafted cannabis which lies at the very foundation of our business. Goldkine's sophisticated grow facility is located in Warren, Michigan with state-of-the-art equipment and a team of educated professionals. 

The Goldkine brand is more than a label. Looking to the future, we will sustain our market distinction through unwavering dedication to our values and standards. Pairing quality flower with best practices and consistent service, we aim to extend our reach not only to our loyal customers but to our communities by supporting local charities. 

Producing the finest cannabis flower in Michigan

At Goldkine, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards as a leading cultivation facility representing the Michigan cultivation scene to the world. Goldkine consistently grows unparalleled cannabis flower with a team of passionate experts. Our brand not only extends to our loyal customers but also to the community within this blossoming industry.

Delivering on time and meeting our customers needs

Our customers identify with Goldkine because our brand embodies the refined taste of cannabis connoisseurs. We strive to consistently provide the highest quality of service to match the quality of our products. 

Founded by family oriented, life-long friends

At Goldkine, we stand by the high standards of which we hold ourselves and our team. We ensure our family values are represented in our work ethic, work environment and overall Culture.


Goldkine’s product offerings are focused exclusively on top-shelf flowers. Our genetic catalog consists of strains that were bred specifically for indoor cultivation. After harvest, we pay careful attention to the drying and curing process to ensure we preserve delicate terpene profiles.

Finally, we follow carefully choreographed harvest schedules to ensure our customers always have Goldkine products on hand. This careful balance of quality and reliability will help expand our footprint to provisioning centers throughout Michigan.

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